Math comes to me really i guess, i got it from my dad but for some it is hard. So i sit in class and try to not be that smart kid because all my life i was smart people would ask me for help and so i try to act like i dont know when i do because i dont it like it when people come to for answers or help. So everyday i try to finish my work slow when i am smarter than everyone else i just wish i was in a advanced class. But anyway it isnt that bad but i hate my last two periods because my 2nd to last class it a class where you can talk to your friends abd the teacher doesnt care but i have no one to talk and i am completly by self just alone and i hate and the same is with my last class so i hate it a lot so much i wish icould change my class. Also i am just going to i love when guys have manners and they respect a girl to me it just makes them way more attrative i am just saying imean if you want girl to like respect them and so them that you care about and then they will be swept off their feet and when you whisper that hush low voice can be really attractive

Labor Day

So for my three day weekend i did absolutly nothing at all i was inside my home all day long. All i did was stay inside watch tv read a book and eat and sleep how exciting but in overall i happy i got time to just stay in home and just sleep to catch up on my rest. Becaue i mean i wake up every school day at 6 am and i am on the bus at 6:30 am and i am at school at 7 am and school doesnt start until 8:15 so i am up 2 hours before start and then going home iam on the bus for 45 minutes it is awful because i share a seat and its really hot in there. But back to labor day i wish i wolud have gone somewhere because almost everyone went somewhere and i did notning.


So i am typing this because i am alone at school right now i have no one to talk to. I mean ita not like being by yourself is a bad thing it just that being by yourself for so long is not so healthy but i dont care i mean in 3 of my periods i have no one to talk to. Any ways i hate school i feel like school is the worst thing that can happen to someone not the learning part but the socializing part. I mean dont get me wrong i can socialize better outside of school but once your in school you are basically firced to socialize because you dont want to be by yourself all im saying is why cant i be home where i can be by myself because he at school i am so shy but outside i can be so loud so much fun but no takes yhe time to know me i can be so much fun i mean it hard to talk for me to people i am being forced to talk to i just wish people cna see the fun side of me. But anyways if you are reading thia in my last blog i typed about a guy i think is cute and i hope i dont get the tume to meet him because not olny is he good looking and everything but he the popular rich type. Where i am the lonely poor type i mean i am not that poor in my eyes but in someon elses i am so no way i want to talk to him even though i have him in two classes and i sit behind him in one class. Im just liking can hurt so much. I have already been broken hearted before but i pretty sure he liked me he was just the cutest guy ever and i hope i get to see one day because i know we cold have been some thing i he hadnt been in a on and off again relationship with a girl that just kept breaking him anyways that it please follow and like my posts and hope you have agreat day and many more to come

School again!!!

I hate school so many stupid things and just four more years to go until graduate ( not including college ). But anyways i should say i have staright A’s so far which is great but anyways i hate going to school mostly because everyone puting on fake faces including me. But besides i wonder what my friends from my other school are doing if they like school or like someone or if they miss like at all. I also wonder what my other crush is doing if he is already dating someone because he is the type of guy everyone falls for and i pretty sure he fell for me. But i think i like my new crush because he might remind me of my crush before. Anyways the best part of today was coming home and changing into comfy clothes and then eating all want i and saying thank you to god that it is finally friday yes. And best part is that today is lazy day so my mom bought pizza. Anyways if your readying have this have a great weekend.


So weeks ago I started school and I dont really like it. Im a freahman in a new highschool who barely knows anyone but its fine though. So in my highschool we have 8 periods first my math, english, marketing, lunch and yogo and last but not least history i didnt mention one class though i dont like my last 2 classes though because i have no one to talk to in that class. And it hard to make because everyone already has friend groups so how do i join? Anyways there is alredy a cute guy but i dont know he so cute i love how his voice is so deep and how his jawline looks and his white teeth. I havent talk to him at all which is fine with me because i dont want to know him and end up falling for him because he the type of guy everyone falls for and there is no chance he fall for me.